Mainframe Elimination

The most cost effective way to dramatically reduce OPEX by 90% and enable the digital transformation of your legacy applications

Perception of monopoly pricing for mainframes drives many organization to reduce this spending item.

Replatforming is the best option to achieve order-of-magnitude OPEX savings.

Migrating applications running on a mainframe off to a modern and low cost platforms such as Linux or Windows on premises or in the Cloud not only deliver savings, but also allows for faster time to market and digital transformation enablement.

REPLATFORMING includes the modernization of the entire software stack used to develop, operate and run the applications such as Database, Application Server, Operations tools, Development and test tools, and more.

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SOURCE Systems:

  • IBM mainframes
  • BULL mainframes
  • UNISYS Os2200
  • HP3000
  • NCR
  • Unix

TARGET systems:

  • Infrastructure: Virtual machines or Cloud
  • OS: Linux, Windows and IBM AIX
  • Middeware: Open Source application server and database
  • Software Development: Eclipse and Open Source DevOps Tools
  • IT Operations tools: Open Source DevOps Tools

Replatforming a mainframe provides the highest cost reduction:

  • OPEX is usually divided by a factor of 8 to 10.
  • CAPEX close to 1 year OPEX
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When migrating a mainframe to a distributed platform, our solution will take advantage of the new technologies such as virtualization, automated provisioning, open source, DevOps, Hadoop to rebuild the new System.

Consequently the hardware and software environment, that will host the migrated applications, will offer comparable or even better system characteristics in every domain: response time, transactional throughput, availability, recoverability, operability.

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