Devops acceleration

Traditional approaches to software delivery are too slow for today’s speed of business. They are fragmented, error prone, wasteful, and time consuming. In a recent Forrester study of 100s of IT leaders, they found that about 75% of software delivery cycle times are still in units of many months or years.

Traditional processes and practices are ‘unsafe at every speed’.

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DevOps is an enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that reduces cost and time to market by eliminating wastes such as:

  • Manual effort
  • Long wait times
  • Unproductive work
  • Poor visibility

xPLC is a full DevOps platform for Linux and Windows environments:

  • implementing state of the art DevOps practices
  • integrating Open Source DevOps tools as used by java Dev Teams
  • supporting an innovative continuous testing capability


Drive down cost

  • By offloading development and test workload on a commodity x86 platform, MIPS costs are drastically reduced.
  • Remove manual effort and wasted resource time with automated release management, continuous integration, and continuous deployment processes.

Speed time to market

Automated processes combined with agile practices increases delivery frequency and reduces lead-time.

Reduce risk

Automated configuration management, coordinated release processes, audits, and traceability


Old and Modern (Java, Open Source) tools and practices converge towards unique DevOps processes.

zPLC allows z/os mainframe users to off-load test & development workload off the mainframe to an x86 z/os compatible platform. In addition, zPLC provides full support of the DevOps best practices:

  • continuous integration
  • continuous testing
  • continuous delivery.
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Offloading z/os development and test workload to zPLC on Linux provides a very short payback period: in weeks. MIPS OPEX is usually divided by 5. The CAPEX is minimized:

  1. annual subscription avoiding upfront license fee
  2. Project efforts are limited to cloning development and test LPARs onto zPLC
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Key DevOps Technical Practices

  • Continuous Integration,
  • Continuous Delivery,
  • Shift Left Testing, Test Automation
  • Automated Environment Provisioning

Case studies: