Cost cutting remains a strategic priority for IT as it represents an important part of total spending—5 percent or more in some industries.

Many CIOs have already spent years reducing costs in operations, procurement, and outside services and finding additional rooms for substantial savings isn't easy.

Significant reductions and efficiencies are possible by changing expensive hardware and software infrastructure and standardizing onto low cost hardware and software infrastructure, and bringing practices to state-of-the art.

Metaware has refined over time 5 solutions for sustainable cost cutting:

Strategy for cost cutting Impacted cost items Savings (%)
Mainframe elimination HW & SW Infrastructure and operations -90%
z/os off-loading HW & SW Infrastructure and operations -70%
DevOps acceleration Application Dev and Operation -25%
Open Source migration Language, Database, WAS, Tools licenses -80%
ADM sourcing optimization Application Dev. & maintenance -30%