Metaware comes with leading financing partners to provide innovative financing solutions for cost-cutting modernization and transformation projects

We understand that budgets are tight and budget for new projects is scarce and will probably continue to be. But limited budgets shouldn’t eliminate sustainable cost savings opportunities for IT.

Metaware teams with leading financial instituations uniquely positioned to provide the most flexible and competitive financing for your modernization project.

Some of the business advantages of working with our financing partners include:

  • Immediate IT Cost Savings: by spreading costs over time, and avoiding upfront cash investments, customers can reduce their cash flow from day 1.
  • Cash-out preservation: IT budget can be allocated the same way during the project
  • One solution, with predictable payments: Combine hardware, software, services, and complementary third-party services into one strategic acquisition
  • Lower costs: Benefit from competitive rates and residual values to reduce total cost of ownership and accelerate ROI
  • High level of flexibility: Protect investments with the right payment schedules, term durations, and end-of-lease options