Metaware’s projects are delivered in the form of Fixed Time and Fixed Price services engagements.

In this context, Metaware warrants:

  • a fixed price
  • a fixed project schedule
  • requirements such as functional, performance, maintainability retentions as well as configuration sizing and availability

To deliver its projects, Metaware’s teams takes advantage of the refine™ platforms.

Our delivery centers are exclusively dedicated to modernization services.

Unmatched achievements

Metaware successfully delivered over 200 Fixed Time and Fixed Price modernization engagements for customers established in over 12 countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

The vast majority of these projects involved the migration of several million lines of code – up to several dozen million lines of code – for customers mission critical applications.

100% success rate

Throughout its entire history, and regardless of the circumstances, Metaware has never failed a single project. All projects entrusted to Metaware have been completed with the results expected by our customers.

refine PaaS

Metaware can transfer its experience to its customers and partners by giving them access to the refine platform in SaaS mode, along with a complete range of services enabling them to successfully complete their projects under the best possible conditions.